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CSB update September 2021

At the last meeting, the Community Strategy Board discussed the Delft-FEWS developments and in particular, the scenario analysis mode, named Computational Framework. With these developments, Delft-FEWS can run in non-operational modes, it can run tasks such as batch running, and the comparison of model runs is supported. One of the key concepts is the Delft-FEWS standalone links to the archive in the similar way as the OC connects to the database.

And there was more to discuss..

  • Several users of Delft-FEWS have requested an overview of the Delft-FEWS software version that other users have installed. They would like to get in touch with users with the same version to exchange knowledge. For this reason, a wiki page with this overview has been created. Interested in this overview? Please contact Delft-FEWS PM to request permission to view this page.
  • The Strategy Board raised the need for alerting. Quite a few agencies use their telemetry or other systems to provide alerts. Although specific requirements are still unclear, there seems to be potential for Delft-FEWS to provide more functionality. This will be discussed in a follow-up meeting.

Please contact Delft-FEWS Product Management or your regional representative in the Community Strategy Board to submit your topics for the next meeting on November 1st , 2021.

On behalf of the CSB,
Nadine Slootjes,