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Delft-FEWS Documentation WIKI not available online

Due to potential security issues in the deployed Atlassian WIKI software version, the Delft-FEWS Documentation WIKI is taken offline until further notice.

We apologize for inconvenience since we know that many Delft-FEWS users worldwide consult these pages on regular basis.

As a fallback we are supplying the following chapters as downloadable PDF documents.

  • Delft-FEWS User Guide (40 Mb, 332 pages )

  • Delft-FEWS Configuration Guide (520 Mb, 2522 pages)

  • Delft-FEWS Admin Interface Guide (14 Mb, 373 pages)

  • About Delft-FEWS (9 Mb, 478 pages)

You can use this link to download (one or more of) these documents:

For those of you with access to the Client-Server installation pages, please send an e-mail to and you will be provided with a similar link to download this specific chapter. This document is 658 Mb and contains 1320 pages.

Please be aware that the layout of this documents may differ from the WIKI 'look' and some of these documents are rather large.

Our ICT service department is working on the issue and expects to have the public WIKI pages online on the 15th of November at the latest.

As soon as there is more news to share, we will inform you through this channel.

Delft-FEWS Product Management