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Delft-FEWS Latin-American User Meeting 2021

Yes! We did it again, and it is becoming a good habit. Encouraged by the success of last year’s meeting of Delft-FEWS users in Latin America, we organized a new online edition on the 24th of November 2021. This year more than 40 participants attended the meeting, joining from more than 10 different organizations in Latin America. During this meeting we talked about Extreme Weather, and specifically about the case of Latin America.

Dr. Jose A. Marengo, R&D Director of the Centro Nacional de Monitoramiento e Alertas de Desastres Naturales (CEMADEN), in Sao Paulo, Brazil, gave an inspiring talk on the state and trends of weather extremes in Latin America. He stressed the importance of vulnerabilities studies needed to identify the threats in the region, and the need for a transdisciplinary approach to handle their growing complexity. We continued the discussion with Dr. Martín A. Irigoyen, head of engineering and environmental modelling at CTM Salto Grande, Argentina and Uruguay. He explored the connection between weather extremes and water quality and showed the last advances of algae bloom modelling and forecasting at Salto Grande. Finally, Dr. Patricia Trambauer, expert in seasonal forecasting and drought from Deltares, presented our newest developments on information and tools for global monitoring and forecasting.

Check out the event page for all the presentations.

After a fast round of news from the community, the remaining time was used for discussion. In particular on how to strengthen the connection between Delft-FEWS users in Latin America through, for instance, the Delft-FEWS portal or the LinkedIn group. We invite you all to visit and post your comments or questions on the section of the Delft-FEWS portal dedicated to Latin America users (here), and to join our LinkedIn group (here).

It has been great to see you all in this year’s online meeting, and we hope to see you all in person very soon!

On behalf of the organization committee,
Jan Talsma and Patricia Trambauer