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CSB meeting about security and alerting

On November 10th, the International Community Strategy Board (CSB) discussed about two topics: security and alerting.

Security is one of the topics for the Delft-FEWS vision 2025. Gert-Jan Schotmeijer, project lead Delft-FEWS security, presents the recent developments regarding security: "We started with the improvement of authorisation and authentication, secure/encrypted connections, encrypted data and secure coding. Furthermore, we worked on a Delft-FEWS security Guide: how to create a secure Delft-FEWS system." The security guide will be shared with the users soon. The CSB-members endorsed with reference to their own experience. Some lessons learned were also shared.

The second item on the agenda was "Alerting". Justin Robinson, Bureau of Meteorology Australia, presented the Australian Safety and Alerting Program (ASAP):  "This is a program of work designed to help people make better decisions and take action when it matters. It is not just a technology, but also about the integration of customer knowledge and getting the right information to prompt the right response." The system is making use of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) for exchange of data from Delft-FEWS to the State Emergency Services. Ian Clayton, Environment Agency United Kingdom, informed the members about the Mobile Technology the Environment Agency is using to deal with dissemination of their Emergency Alerts.

All presentations were a great introduction to a lively discussion where a lot of experience was shared. It was concluded that both topics, security and alerting, should be further discussed in relation to the strategy of Delft-FEWS. For further CSB meetings, it was concluded that "Security" will be a recurring agenda item.