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FEWS news message from the moderators

We welcome you to our new interactive portal with the latest Delft-FEWS news from around the world. The new portal has been launched during the Dutch Delft-FEWS User Day in June of this year. Because of its new interactive functionalities, the portal better facilitates the Delft-FEWS community to come together online to share news and build working relationships.

Once you are logged in, the forum is the place to go for user-generated content, like problem-solving solutions and community-related discussions. In addition to this, the portal offers news, blogs, new ideas, and best practices.

You can also upload your own blog, a new idea or best practice. The team of FEWS moderators is available during working hours for support. If you would like to share a news item or publish an upcoming event, such as the Delft-FEWS International User Days 2019, just send an email to

Are you ready to get involved?

Best regards,
The Delft-FEWS moderators
(from left to right:  Ilonka, Martijn, Aashish, and Arjen)