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Introducing Micha Werner, keynote speaker at the international Delft-FEWS User Days

On the first day of the 18th Delft-FEWS international User Days, the keynote address will be delivered by Micha Werner. The title of his presentation is: "From eager grad student to seasoned professional: Is forecasting coming of age?"

Dr Micha Werner is Associate Professor in the Water Resources and Ecosystems Department at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. His main research interests are the application of hydrological knowledge, data and models in operational water management; with a focus on hydrological extremes (droughts and floods), but also on water allocation and reservoir operation. He enjoys working with scientists and practitioners across a range of disciplines to explore how climate information is communicated and used by users through climate services. Currently, he is principal investigator of a major H2020 Research project seeking to innovate climate services through integration of local and scientific knowledge. He is an active member of the scientific community, including EGU, IAHS and research groups such as HEPEX and IAHS Drought in the Anthropocene, serves as editor to the Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences Journal. He represents IHE as support base partner to the WMO International Drought Management Programme (IDMP), and serves on an expert advisory panel to the Netherlands Government on Freshwater and Drought. Until 2021, Micha held a position as Senior Hydrologist at Deltares, working in the Operational Water Management group, where he was one of the thought leaders in developing the DELFT-FEWS forecasting system.

More information on the program including registration details, can be found on the events page.