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CSB identifies important topics for the near future

On November 8, the International Community Strategy Board (CSB) met in a hybrid setting to discuss important new topics for the Delft-FEWS Roadmaps. All CSB members shared 2 slides with information about what they see happening in their organization next year and in the short term (2-3 years). Ideas on external developments, themes and topics they consider important for the future of Delft-FEWS were also discussed. CSB member Justin Robinson (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia) said: "Our FEWS system needs to meet the needs of both operational flood forecasters as well as decision support staff who are multi-disciplinary (weather, water and climate) and have different user needs." 

Group photo of the CSB members including names


Together, we identified these topics as our main focus for the next years:

  1. Cyber security

  2. Ensemble/probabilistic forecasting

  3. Machine learning and nowcasting

  4. Cloud hosting - Software as a Service

  5. Quality improvements: verification, track-and-trace trail

  6. Performance: evaluation, multi-model, complex models

  7. Inundation and impact forecasting

In the next CSB meeting, March 2023, we will discuss these topics in more detail and how these topics relate to developments that are necessary for delft-FEWS.

The CSB initiated the Delft-FEWS Community Talks. After two successful community talks on 9 June and 6 October 2022, board member Marc Philippart (Rijkswaterstaat, the Netherlands) asked the attendees at the Delft-FEWS User Days whether the community has topics they would like to cover in one of the future community talks. The ideas were collected with a 'mentimeter'. Keep an eye on our events calendar to know which topic will be chosen for the next Community talk!

On behalf of the CSB,
Nadine Slootjes
Delft-FEWS Product Management