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Tips and Tricks on the Delft-FEWS WIKI

In our Delft-FEWS WIKI you can find a new page “Tips and tricks for configurators”. There we share lots of useful tips and tricks for new configurators and How to’s for more experienced Delft-FEWS configurators. So if you are new to Delft-FEWS or you would like to learn more about the possibilities and specific features within Delft-FEWS this page may be interesting for you.

Sometimes gaining experience with Delft-FEWS comes so naturally that we forget which basics we had to learn. We collected some tips, tricks and inspiration that should facilitate starting with Delft-FEWS configuration. From understanding the basic folder structure to understanding Deft-FEWS systems, data handling and model integration, and finally a “good to know” in the FEWS GUI. Our colleague Dave Casson said once to a colleague who started configuring with Delft-FEWS: “Now it probably looks very fast and complicated how I navigate through the configuration, but you will reach that point too”. What Dave predicted became true and for you it will too.

The functions of Delft-FEWS are so extensive that we never stop learning even after we reached that mentioned point. That is why we will make a series where we publish a “How to of the month” under "Best Practice" on our portal. The How to will present a specific Delft-FEWS feature that might not be very well known, but could be interesting to use. In our repertoire we have How to’s regarding data import, data visualization, managing the database and much more.

We wish you success and fun with your Delft-FEWS configurations!