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Delft-FEWS Stable 2022.02 Released!

Delft-FEWS Product management is proud to announce that the Delft-FEWS Stable release 2022.02 is now available!

Main visual improvements in Operator Client GUI

The latest version of Delft-FEWS contains more than 130 new features! Amongst others, all default icons have been replaced by a scalable version (in SVG format) which means that they all stay nice & sharp even on 4K screens or when you increase the Font Size in the Operator Client. The background color of the selected tab - in both the main Operator Client GUI as well on any display with more than one tab - is now more pronounced and consistent throughout the application. Besides, some visual improvements have been made to the scatterplot functionality and labeling of gridded datasets has been improved in the Spatial Display.

Launching the FEWS web services locally

The Delft-FEWS web services can now be launched locally from any SA (or OC). By doing this, users can directly 'connect' to the web services through their own (SA) application for testing. You can either use the internal test-pages or let any other third-party application interact with your (SA) application. Ideal for testing! Additionally, once the Web Operator Client (beta) package is installed, users can also launch the Web OC showing the shared content of the SA application in a web environment.

Other features

To get an impression what timeseries are available in your local datastore, you can use the new F12 function to export all metadata of your timeseries to a csv-file. Besides this multiple (7) import and (4) export routines have been added. For web service imports, functionality has been added to only import the missing data (filling of gaps) which makes these type of imports much more efficient.

Open Archive

In this release, the Open Archive has been improved even further. The MongoDB plugin has been improved, making sure it fully complies to the seamless integration concept. Also its performance and installation documentation has been improved. From this version it is now possible to merge 'new' and 'edited' series with already existing timeseries in the archive. Functionality has been developed for data-validation and for distinguishing original and edited series for reproduction of past events. In the External NetCDF storage solution it is now also possible to tag events. The Archive Display has been adjusted to enable all new features.


Next to these regular new features we have been implementing the yearly roadmap plans (as part of the Delft-FEWS 2025 vision). In the next few years we will clean-up our code by removing/replacing (old) functionality. To assess if your configuration still uses obsolete modules or displays, you can run a <F12> option to check this.


All details about the new features (online) and the resolved bugs (pdf) can be found on the Delft-FEWS WIKI Release Notes page. A descriptive release document, links to relevant PDFs and presentation about the new features can be found here.


A webinar demonstrating the highlights of the Delft-FEWS 2022.02 new features will be organized on 9th of March 2023.