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Delft-FEWS in Malta

In the framework of the cooperation between Deltares and the Physical Oceanography Research Group of the University of Malta, recently two workshops took place in Malta and in Delft. The Research Group is responsible for the Maltese coastal operational monitoring system:

The objective of the two meetings was to showcase how Delft-FEWS can improve their national operational forecasting system and how Delft3D FM can be used for new high-resolution coastal applications.

Due to the success of the training sessions continued collaboration was agreed. The Maltese partners decided to setup a Delft-FEWS application to run their current workflows and a detailed hydrodynamic model of the Valletta harbor using Delft3D FM.

Some of the first concrete results of the collaboration include operational data imports from the Malta Atmospheric Forecasting System and Malta Shelf Forecasting System using Delft-FEWS, a new SWAN model implementation, and a demo Valletta harbor model in D-Flow FM.

For more information please contact Ghada El Serafy, Dave de Koning, Lorinc Meszaros, and Reimer de Graaff.

This collaboration is supported by the H2020 ODYSSEA project (Ghada El Serafy), Europe Marketing (Sophie Vermooten), Delft-FEWS Product Manager (Gerben Boot) and Delft3D Product Manager (Edward Melger).