null 1 July 2021: Delft-FEWS user meeting Germany - Austria - Switzerland

1 July 2021: Delft-FEWS user meeting Germany - Austria - Switzerland

 The meeting of the German speaking Delft-FEWS users took place on July 1st, 2021 and was organized digitally again by Deltares partner Hydrotec. About forty participants from 20 different organizations were welcomed by Nadine Slootjes, Gerben Boot (Deltares) and Oliver Buchholz (Hydrotec), who hosted the session. He started by giving an overview of the various Delft-FEWS forecasting systems operated in the German speaking countries with different objectives.

Martin Ebel (BAFU Switzerland) informed the participants about the activities of the
Delft-FEWS International Community Strategy Board (CSB) and presented the Delft-FEWS forecasting system of Switzerland. It was implemented after the enormous flood events of 2005 and now contributes successfully to flood protection in the alpine region.

Dieter Ackermann then presented the early warning system operated by the city of Hamburg for a coastal and tidal influenced catchment area. Followed by Michael Roers from LfU Brandenburg, who gave an insight into the development of a flood warning center for the state of Brandenburg/Berlin based on Delft-FEWS.

The informative presentation of Deltares’ Gerben Boot, Maarten Smoorenburg and
Marcel Ververs on the Delft-EWS Vision 2025, yearly roadmaps and highlights of new
developments in 2020.02 and 2021.01 brought all participants up-to-date and rounded off
the meeting.

Surveys and discussion sessions were included to interact with the public, which
gave positive feedback on the event. In 2022, the meeting will possibly take place in a hybrid
form to avoid long travel distances and still allow personal interaction.

For more information about the event, please visit Hydrotec’s webpage: