null Developments in 2021 - by Delft-FEWS product management

Developments in 2021 - by Delft-FEWS product management

In this blog Delft-FEWS Product Management looks back to 2021. Nadine Slootjes: “2021 was a whole year of working from home and online events. But I'm impressed with the way we have learned from the previous year and I'm very proud of the adaptability and vitality of the team“,  she concludes as she describes the year. “We have achieved a lot this year as you will read in this blog.”

Gerben Boot adds: “With the daily stand-ups, retrospectives and the use of SonarQube, the team stayed connected and focussed on the Roadmap developments as well as the improvement of the software quality. Judging by the positive feedback from our customers, we can conclude that we have done this successfully.” Furthermore, the support and maintenance packages have been standardised to create more transparency. Marcel Ververs complements: “I am very happy about the way the International Community Strategy board has been involved in this transition.”

Online Events: Webinars, User Days and Trainings  
“In the year 2021 events were again 100% online. We managed to continue the number of events, applying the lessons learned and improving our online skills. At the same time, we cherish new opportunities which emerged from contacts with Delft-FEWS users around the globe, who would otherwise never travel to Deltares in the Netherlands”, according to Ilonka ten Broeke. “Our online presence is further solidified through the new LinkedIn group (link). Good to see that the Delft-FEWS community is stronger than ever and motivated to stay connected.”

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Delft and exchange news and updates in conference rooms and over drinks. Until then, we meet online. Stay connected and stay healthy! 

Via these links you can find more in-depth information about all the events in 2021:


Delft-FEWS Vision 2025: roadmap 2021 progress
The Delft-FEWS Vision 2025 has progressed on a number of themes in the annual roadmap of 2021: quality of our software code, cloud developments, security and the developments towards a web operator client.

  • Code quality. Our code quality is monitored using SonarQube and all code commits are checked against the latest java coding rules. 

  • Code clean-up. To keep our code clean we are implementing our plans to remove outdated and rarely used code. Keep an eye on our code removal progress and validate your configuration using the <F12> functionality. 

  • Cloud developments. All (compulsory and optional) Delft-FEWS components can run in the cloud. We noticed a continued growth in attention for moving Delft-FEWS mainly to Microsoft Azure. 

  • Security. For Delft-FEWS Security principles and guidelines have been developed and will be published soon. Our installed OWASP top-10 check has paid off since it nicely flagged the recent ‘log4j’ vulnerability. 

  • Web Operator Client. The first (backend) development sprints have been carried out in 2021. Besides that, the basic architecture has been designed which is ready to be implemented.

Delft-FEWS releases in 2021
We have released Delft-FEWS 2021.01 over summer. A special news item can be found here describing the highlights of this release. In the last months of 2021, we have worked hard to finalize the testing of Delft-FEWS 2021.02, which will be released in the first half of January 2022. In total, both versions contain more than 260 (!) new features. Release notes and further detailed information (like User Days presentations on new features) can be found here.

New Support and Maintenance packages
This year the new standardised Service packages have been finalised and published on the Services page of our portal. The Delft-FEWS community strategy board was involved in this transition and provided a lot of useful comments and feedback on all the intermediate steps. 

The upcoming changes were announced and explained at the different user events we had this year. They were also communicated on an individual basis with our clients whose contract ended the 31st of December 2021. We will continue this process in the coming years for clients with a contract that should be renewed the following year(s).