null Regional Delft FEWS User Meeting 2022 - successful digital event

Regional Delft FEWS User Meeting 2022 - successful digital event

Innovative developments and new applications for flood forecasting

The "Regional Delft FEWS Meeting 2022 for German Speaking Users" took place on 20 June 2022. Hydrotec and Deltares had invited everyone from the German speaking Delft-FEWS community to attend. More than 40 users and interested parties participated in the digital event and took the opportunity to exchange insights on current applications and processes, and learn about recent innovations.

The presentation by Adrian Treis (Emschergenossenschaft / Lippeverband) recapitulated the flood event in summer 2021 for the area of the Emscher catchment based on forecast and measurement data. The Deltares team presented newly implemented functions and took a look at the roadmap and vision for the further development of Delft-FEWS - keywords: Web Operator Client, FEWS webservices, Delft-FEWS in the Cloud, Computational Framework. Hendrik Burkamp (Hydrotec) presented the newly developed cloud-based forecasting and warning system for municipal heavy rainfall response and Martin Ebel (BafU, Switzerland) reported on the current discussions in the International Community Strategy Board (CSB).

All presentations are published on the Hydrotec website