18th Delft-FEWS User Days - live in Delft!

18th Delft-FEWS User Days - live in Delft!

The Delft-FEWS User Days was live again! After 2 years of online meetings, we could finally meet in person again and it did not disappoint. More than 100 FEWS users from around the world spend these two days together and celebrated the 18th birthday of our user community! 

After the birthday song, keynote speaker Micha Werner guided us through the years of FEWS, and showed us how the attitude of the motivated grad student transformed to be a mature researcher. We saw presentations from different types of FEWS systems and presenters from around the world (literally as some dialed in from different time zones to present their work to the audience in Delft).

With a presentation covering all the FEWS applications over the past years and an overview of a growing FEWS community, we looked back to our shared past.

The break-out sessions were very well-attended, and there was a vivid interaction and discussion between the participants. At the end of the first day we enjoyed our traditional dinner in the city center of Delft (that became late, no photos for the public!). However, still fresh and energetic we started the second day with keynote speaker Amy Tavendale who told us the story of the FEWS system of SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency). During her speech we saw the developments, challenges, the whole evolvement of the system. Between the presentations we shared experiences and struggles, gathered new ideas, or just had an informal chat with coffee and later a beer.

Thank you all for coming, contributing, and strengthening our FEWS community. Hope to see you next year again at our campus in Delft!

All presentations can be found on the events page.

Team 2022
Bob van Rongen, Klaudia Horvath, Ilonka ten Broeke