North American FEWS Community: Update Call

North American FEWS Community: Update Call

4 speakers provided updates for the North American FEWS Community yesterday. Within 45 minutes, the presenters got quickly to the point.


Ruben Imhoff presented aspects of his PhD thesis on rainfall nowcasting, including merging radar with NWP products for streamflow forecasting. 

Gabe Miller presented on his experiences engaging with the Delft-FEWS international community, and encouraged other users to get involved by engaging with the Community Strategy Board (CSB).

Dave Casson focused on technical planning for a cloud-based service river ice monitoring, that is expanding the access of near real time remote sensing data for FEWS users.

Our trusted FEWS project manager Gerben Boot provided a teaser of web-based Operator Client development, current capabilities, and how early testing can easily be done.


With around 50 attendees, it was great to meet (virtually) together.

Looking forward developing the ideas presented, and looking for willing FEWS users to join each topic!