null Delft-FEWS 2022.02 New Features webinar

Delft-FEWS 2022.02 New Features webinar

Are you curious how to configure a selection of features from the Delft-FEWS 2022.02 release?
On Thursday, the 9th of March 2023, Erik Pelgrim (Delft-FEWS developer) and Gerben Boot (Delft-FEWS Product Manager) presented the webinar Delft-FEWS 2022.02 New Features. 
They identified various themes from the Delft-FEWS 2022.02 release and these were addressed in three pre-recorded videos full of application demos, configuration examples, how-to’s, tips & tricks:
•    Running workflows from the Spatial Display
•    Running the FEWS web services from your Stand Alone
•    Delft-FEWS and the links to GIS Systems
They followed the same set-up as done in previous webinars: after welcoming words, they introduced and shared the three pre-recorded videos, followed by Q&A time via the questions box at the end. A more informal Q&A concluded the webinar. 
More than 100 people from 32 countries registered for this webinar. In total there were more than 65 participants in the live-event. The complete recorded webinar, including navigation options to specific parts of the video, is now available online. Other downloads available here are the overall presentation slides and the individual presentations (from the videos) of Running worflows from the Spatial Display, Running the FEWS web services locally and Delft-FEWS and the links to GIS systems. To conclude, the Q&A sheet with all questions asked is available for download as well. 

Delft-FEWS Product Management 
March, 2023