Regional Delft FEWS User Meeting 2023 - Valuable information exchange

Regional Delft FEWS User Meeting 2023 - Valuable information exchange

On June 15 and 16, 2023 Hydrotec and Deltares invited to the "Regional Delft FEWS User Meeting 2023". We were happy that the event could take place in person again this year, but also offered the possibility for online participation.

On Thursday, June 15, an interesting and diverse program of lectures was offered to the participants. Hydrotec and Deltares presented developments and possible applications of Delft-FEWS. In addition, innovative projects were presented in which forecasting systems are configured and operated with Delft-FEWS, for example:

  • Country-wide flood forecasting by LANUV North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Use of Delft-FEWS for the prediction of contamination in water systems for Gelsenwasser AG
  • PROVIS forecasting system for hydropower generation in Austria

On Friday, June 16, the Deltares and Hydrotec teams gave workshop presentations and live demonstrations. The teams presented different features of the Delft-FEWS software as a simulation system and provided practical tips and tricks.

The conference rooms of Forum M in the heart of Aachen offered a beautiful view over the cathedral and the historic city hall.  It provided a perfect setting for discussions, questions and an intensive exchange of information. Thanks to the hybrid technology, the online participants could also contribute very well to the lectures and discussions.
You can download the presentations here: 

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