null Presenting Floodtags at the Delft-FEWS international user days

Presenting Floodtags at the Delft-FEWS international user days

We as FloodTags were very happy to be at the Delft-FEWS user days. Besides a lot of interest at the booth, we had two break out sessions in which we could explain FloodTags through use cases and the new possibility to connect FloodTags’ online media data to Delft-FEWS. I was suprised how well the many questions we got during the presentation alligned with the direction we are taking at FloodTags.

Firstly, this includes the interest in the chatbot for two-way communication with people on the ground (something we newly developed). Secondly there were many questions on the technical side about extracting information from photos with machine learning (which we are indeed working on).

If anything, I would like to add that as FloodTags we have grown in the last five years from presenting a bold idea at the Delft-FEWS user days to a company presenting operational software that can now be used within the widely used Delft-FEWS in a couple of minutes. All-in all we are a little proud.

The presentation can be found on the event page of the user days.