null Implementation of Delft-FEWS in Germany and Austria

Implementation of Delft-FEWS in Germany and Austria

Hydrotec and Verbund presented their common works with a flood forecasting system in an alpine region at the Delft-FEWS International User Days 2019. Hydrotec, located in Germany, is an intermediary in charge of designing, installing, providing support and maintenance of Delft-FEWS Systems. Verbund is a hydropower trader and business partner implementing an operational Delft-FEWS system.

This experience was quite enriching since many attendees were interested to gain an insight into the current application of the Delft-FEWS System together with RTC-Tools for dam operations in the Austrian Alps. Above all, most questions made were on how to optimize the energy production while contemplating downstream flood protection on a cross-border river basin such as the Danube basin. Additionally, recent developments on the integration of an Open Archive for subsequent analysis on forecast performances were presented.

Besides the interesting presentations, the International Delft-FEWS User Days were also an opportunity for us to get together with other colleagues and users around the world and exchange a great variety of experiences and knowledge.