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null Archive Server Administrator GUI Improvements

Archive Server Administrator GUI Improvements


The current Archive Admini console (GUI) of the Open Archive enables an Open Archive administrator to inspect/check the content and behavior of the Open Archive, carrying out maintenance-tasks, clean up archived data and regenerate the catalogue. 

The new idea presented here is twofold: First an upgrade of the GUI is suggested to align this with the existing Delft-FEWS Admin Interface. This console has similar administrator role but then focused on the Delft-FEWS client-server system. Since 2018.02 this Admin Interface has been restyled and can be accessed via an API (Application Programming Interface). This is the second part of the suggested improvement. Like the Admin Interface, the Archive Administrator console should have an API enabling access for other applications (tools, websites) to interact with the functions of this console. This API broadens the use of the Archive Administrator console and opens it up to users so they can use their own tools, scripts, build dashboards around it etc. Using the same framework for all Admin consoles (within the Delft-FEWS components) has a preference from a code maintenance perspective as well.

The estimated costs to implement this is: €13.500.- which includes: code developments and review, testing and documentation. This feature is known under reference FEWS-22932 and is on the waiting list for Delft-FEWS 2020.02 (Expected release date: November 2020).

Would you like more information about this idea and/or are you considering co-financing this development, please contact the experts mentioned below.

Andre Grijze (Andre.Grijze@deltares)

Rudie Ekkelenkamp (

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