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null Extend temporary import with CSV and NetCDF

Extend temporary import with CSV and NetCDF


The current temporary import enables users to import PI.xml based files shared by others via a menu option. The result is a temporary filter in the Data Viewer tab of the Delft-FEWS Explorer. Main objective is that you can simply inspect files without additional configuration (locations, parameters, import workflow etc). When the timeseries have been imported, users can treat these as any other timeseries within the running session of your Operator Client. Once Delft-FEWS is closed, the data have gone. As mentioned this functionality is limited to PI.xml files only.

The new idea presented here is to extend this functionality so that you can import more than just PI.xml. The foreseen extension is: CSV, NetCDF-CF TIMESERIES (scalar) and NetCDF-CF TIMESERIES (grids).

The estimated costs to implement this is: €17.500.- which includes: code developments and review, testing and documentation. This feature is known under reference FEWS-22931 and is on the waiting list for Delft-FEWS 2020.02 (Expected release date: November 2020).

 Would you like more information about this idea and/or considering co-financing this development, please contact Toon Basten, Waterboard Aa and Maas (NL), .

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