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null Extend Dashboard Display

Extend Dashboard Display


The current Dashboard Display (available since 2019.02) can be used to visualize different spatial plots side by side. By moving the time slider, all the different spatial plots change accordingly. End users can create and share their designed dashboards with colleagues. Currently, only plots from the Spatial Display can be part of a dashboard. The Dashboard Display was part of the Delft-FEWS 2019.02 New features webinar. Click here for the Dashboard Display movieclip.

The new idea presented here is to extend the dashboard display to also visualize other time-slider driven plots from the Time Series Display and the Schematic Status Display.

 The estimated costs to implement this is: €17.500.- which includes: code developments and review, testing and documentation. This feature is known under reference FEWS-22930 and is on the waiting list for Delft-FEWS 2020.02 (Expected release date: November 2020).

Would you like more information about this idea and/or considering co-financing this development, please contact the expert(s) mentioned below.

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