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null How to of the month (3) - Validate datafeeds import

How to of the month (3) - Validate datafeeds import

Did you know that Delft-FEWS provides different functionalities to support validation of the datafeeds import?


The System Monitor

In the DisplayConfigFiles\SystemMonitorDisplay.xml configuration file it is good practice to configure relevant thresholds for inactive datafeeds. This configuration ensures that everything looks green, when everything is going fine and becomes yellow or orange or red when there is a problem. The datafeeds can be visualized in the import status tab of the system monitor.


The Import Status Checker (since 2022.02)

With the Import Status Checker it is possible to get a log message when the datafeeds import exceeds a certain time threshold.

The logged WARN message could for example facilitate to trigger a follow-up action to the eventCode. Such an action could for example be an e-mail to an affected user to become aware of the issue.

More information about the Import Status Checker can be found on this WIKI page.


Follow these steps to enable the logging:

Add an (optional) eventCode and a logLevel to the time threshold in your SystemMonitorDisplay.xml. Note that you should only do it for the situation that there really is an issue, so in this example after 36 minutes, when it is displayed as red:

Add the predefined activity “import status checker” to your workflow:

In case a time threshold is now exceeded, a WARN message will be logged, with eventCode “DataFeed.missing”.