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CSB meeting in March: representation and future plans

How does the CSB represent the entire Delft-FEWS community? That was one of the main topics of the meeting in March. The question was whether each CSB member is representing a certain geographical area of the community. At the moment it was not felt like that by all CSB members, but it is a situation we would like to work towards.

Deltares also presented the plans for the future of Delft-FEWS in a summary of three roadmaps; Delft-FEWS Backend simplification and automation, the Delft-FEWS PI service and the Deltares Open Archive. The plans presented in these roadmaps were well received. There was consensus that these plans will  be beneficial for the whole Delft-FEWS community.  The executive summary and presentation will be shared on request. If you are interested in more detailed information on these roadmaps, please contact Deltares. The minutes of the CSB meeting can be found here