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Delft-FEWS 2018.01 scaled down, full attention on 2018.02

The year 2018 has turned out to be a 'special' year for Delft-FEWS releases due to the new “Roadmap”-developments. We are happy to report that Delft-FEWS 2017.02 has been installed at and accepted by a number of national and international clients, including several Dutch water boards and the National Weather Service in the US. This release contains parts of the new roadmap features, including a complete new database-scheme and corresponding maintenance, the removal of JBOSS/ActiveMQ and a new synchronisation technique based on Direct Data Access. Many other features have been implemented as well.

Because the Delft-FEWS 17.02 has been released in 2018, we have decided to scale down the Delft-FEWS 2018.01 in order to get back to the 'normal' release cadence (June/November) as soon as possible. This scaling down means that the ongoing and promised developments will be finished, and that the 2018.01 release will only be an internal release. We have agreed to either install 2017.02 or to install 2018.02 for projects and clients anticipating the 2018.01 release, including their requested features for both roadmap and other functionalities in early 2019.

At this moment, developers are working on the 2018.02 features. And we have good news, our development team will welcome two new developers in October 2018! We will introduce them at our International Delft-FEWS User Days in November, during which we will present the latest progress of our (roadmap) developments. There's definitely a lot to look forward to!

If you have questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us at

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