Delft-FEWS 2023.01 New Features webinar

Delft-FEWS 2023.01 New Features webinar

Have you heard or read about the new upcoming features in Delft-FEWS 2023.01 yet? On Thursday September 14th, 2023 the most recent edition of the Delft-FEWS New Features webinar was hosted from the Deltares Studio by Gerben Boot (Delft-FEWS product manager) and Mees Radema (Jr. advisor/researcher Operational Water Management).

Various new features in the 2023.01 release of Delft-FEWS were discussed in brief, and three specific functionalities were highlighted in pre-recorded demonstrations by experts at Deltares:

  • Using the ‘What-if’-functionality
  • Using WaterCoach on-the-fly
  • The Delft-FEWS Web Operator Client (WebOC)


As per our usual webinar set-up, we provided a word of welcome, a small presentation, and introductions to the pre-recorded demonstration videos. In between the videos, there was room for Q&A using the ‘Q&A panel’, answering viewers’ questions to the best of our abilities.

Click here to view the full recording.

Click here to download the Q&A document

Click here to download the presentation

In the last slides an outlook was presented to the next release (Delft-FEWS 2023.02) and the upcoming International User Days in November.

Making a debut during this edition of the webinar was a brand-new tool – ‘MS Teams Live Event’. Despite a few setbacks such as a long delay between us and viewers, and a few audio issues, the event was still a success with around 40+ live viewers from all over the world. If you missed the event - or wish to review parts of it – the recording is now available online. You can also download the slides of the general presentation, and those from the pre-recorded presentations about What-if functionality, WaterCoach’s on-the-fly functionality, and the WebOC. The questions from the Q&A with their answers are available as well.

Finally, we want to thank everyone who watched the event live for their attention! Please let us know if you liked the experiment with MS Teams Live Event. From our side, we learned a lot and it was a pleasure to have you present.

Delft-FEWS Product Management
September 2023