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null Delft-FEWS Australian User Days 2019
Group photo of all participants

Delft-FEWS Australian User Days 2019

30 May 2019  - 31 May 2019 Melbourne, Australia

Australian User Days 2019

On Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st of May 2019, the 6th edition of the Delft-FEWS User Days Australia (DFUDA) was organized as a cooperation between the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), Seqwater and Deltares. This year's event was generously hosted by Melbourne Water, one of the Delft-FEWS Users in Australasian region.  In total, around 65 participants from 17 organizations joined: a new record. Next year's event is scheduled (in draft) for 17th-19th of June in Brisbane. Please find below an impression of these two interesting days and you can view the photos and/or download the presentations.

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Welcome  >  By Dasarath Jayasuriya Bureau of Meteorology

Keynote: Improving flood forecasting in England and Australia through international collaboration  >  By Alex Cornish Bureau of Meteorology

Delft-FEWS new features (2018.02)  >  By Gerben Boot Deltares

Using Delft-FEWS for model calibration based on historical data  >  By David Pokarier Seqwater

FEWS Bite: FEWS-SUDS and reparation works on the dam  >  By Adam Broit SunWater

FEWS Bite: Hydro Tasmania – a trial Delft-FEWS system  >  By Kim Robinson WMA water

Delft-FEWS in China  >  By Link Zhao Ewaters

FEWS Bite: TasWater Delft-FEWS system  >  By Kim Robinson WMA water

Coastal modelling and forecasting  >  By Herve Damlamian SPC

Developments in 7 day streamflow forecasting (medium term forecast)  >  By Prasantha Hapuarachchi, James Bennett BoM , CSIRO

Delft-FEWS and design hydrology  >  By Steve Wang Seqwater

Where are we taking ROWS in the future?  >  By Laurence Lingam MDBA

Keynote: The future of hydrological forecasting  >  By Nadine Slootjes Deltares

FEWS Bite: Mossman system for flash flood management  >  By Dan Rodger JBP

Python the lingua franca of Delft-FEWS?  >  By Lindsay Millard Seqwater

Hydrodynamics in flood forecasting  >  By Blair Filer BMT Group

Implementation of Flood Scenarios service in Australia  >  By Karen Hudson, Bandara (Nawa) Nawarathna Bureau of Meteorology

Ensemble flood forecasts using STEPS (short term forecast)  >  By Simon Pierotti and Adam Smith Bureau of Meteorology

MISS-2019 pageant  >  By Simone de Kleermaeker Bureau of Meteorology, Seqwater, Deltares

Interaction session vision Delft-FEWS 2025  >  By Nadine Slootjes, Chris Leahy Deltares, Bureau of Meteorology

Summary of all presentations  >  By Gerben Boot Deltares

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