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Delft-FEWS goes Shanghai

The financial district of Shanghai (Pudong New Area) is flooded several times a year. Therefore, the organisations Pudong Hydrology and Water Resources Administration want to improve the urban flood forecasting and increase the capacity building. A project on urban flood forecasting and warning system for Shanghai  - Pudong was initiated at the beginning of 2016 under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Shanghai Pudong New Area (Pudong) and Province Zuid-Holland in the Netherlands.

The total project is conducted and contracted into three phases. Deltares, together with the Chinese partner Ewaters Environmental Science and Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd (Ewaters), undertake this project (phase I) and expect to continue the next phases in the coming years.

The project at the first stage mainly focuses on setting up a forecasting framework using Delft-FEWS platform, building up a 1D model for the river network in Pudong and 1D/2D inundation models for two pilots using modelling package SOBEK 2, integrating production data (measurements and forecasts) from the owner and models into Delft-FEWS. Several trainings are provided to the client on both modelling and the use of Delft-FEWS.

A Stand-Alone application will be delivered to the client for this stage. Meanwhile, Deltares and Ewaters made a work plan on the tasks to be executed in the next phases and proposed to the client. It includes: improving the accuracy of the current models, extending modeling areas, improving operating strategies of pumps and gates, implementing new modelling packages such as Delft3D Flexible Mesh (Delft3D FM), building up an operational forecasting system, and training, etc.