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null Delft-FEWS North American User days 2019
Group photo of all participants present

Delft-FEWS North American User days 2019

13 Mar 2019  - 14 Mar 2019 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

North American User Days 2019

The first North American User Days were held on 13 and 14 March 2019 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA as part of the North American Deltares Software Days. 



This poster was signed by all attendees at this years User Days. 

For any questions, please contact Ben Balk or Ilonka ten Broeke. 

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TVA Forecasting - invited keynote  >  By Gabe Miller TVA


Verification and Archive Efforts at BPA  >  By Abdullah Dakhlalla and Travis Roth BPA

EA Future Flood Forecasting System - FFFS  >  By Ivo Miltenburg Deltares

Verification analytics system  >  By Nathan Barber TVA

NWM verification in FEWS  >  By John Lhotak NOAA-CBRFC

Mississippi River Flooding (Lunch Lecture)  >  By David Welch NOAA-LMRFC

FEWS configurations in the Toronto area  >  By Jongho Keum McMaster University

Real Time Flood Forecasting application for a pilot location in Contraband Bayou, Calcasieu Parish, LA  >  By Francesca Messina Water Institute

Migration of existing forecast system to FEWS at Idaho Power  >  By John Hildreth and Nick Dawson IPC

Flood Forecasting at MELCC – Switching to FEWS  >  By Dominic Roussel Québec

Sava Flood Forecasting and Warning System, Lessons from a Transboundary Basin  >  By Klaas-Jan Van Heeringen Deltares

Operational River Temperature Forecasting Using a Coupled Delft3D Framework  >  By Matt Boyington TVA Hydrothermal

What’s New in FEWS 2018.02  >  By Marcel Ververs Deltares

SF Bay model (Lunch Lecture)  >  By Kees Nederhoff Deltares

FEWS Services, what they are and what they can do for you  >  By Andre Grijze Deltares

Using FEWS in an Offsite Backup of NWS River Forecasting Operations  >  By Lee Cajina NWS

The future of hydrological forecasting  >  By Nadine Slootjes Deltares

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