Delft-FEWS Product management 2023 look back

Delft-FEWS Product management 2023 look back

In this blog Delft-FEWS Product Management reflects on events and developments along 2023. Wim van Balen thinks back and smiles. “A sheer highlight of this year is the record number of participants at the FEWS International User Days. This number reached as high as 161 people!”, says Wim van Balen. “I so much enjoyed the two keynote lectures: one on the use of FEWS in the transboundary Sava River Basin and one on the use of Machine Learning for instantaneous inundation forecasts. Equally, I personally enjoyed the interactions, interactive sessions, and break-out sessions. And we have noticed new people onboarding this year: new product owners with fresh ideas as well as brand new software developers. Great!”

Release info, developments
In 2023, many nice new features were developed. This enables Delft-FEWS users to manage their meta-data and location attributes more efficiently by using a dedicated display. Analyzing accumulations of gridded datasets can now be done on-the-fly in the Spatial Display. For flood inundation mapping and for analyzing and disseminating the impact through GIS applications, we added a first version of WFS (Web Feature Service) for polygons. The number of endpoints to approach via Delft-FEWS REST based web services has increased substantially and can also be accessed from Stand Alone applications for testing. To manage all your incoming and outgoing data feeds, the Admin Interface has been improved. From this display, you can pause data feeds and download or resend files. All Delft-FEWS backend and frontend components can now be installed using OpenID connect security settings. More information about the 2023 releases can be found here:
Support and Maintenance
In 2023 the FEWS Support team delivered again high-quality support to all our clients all over the world. Support questions have been answered, either by jointly looking at the client’s system in case there was an urgent problem or to investigate an issue that couldn't be reproduced elsewhere. Issues were resolved by delivering a patch, by providing an explanation, and by answering a question.  
Roadmap updates
With only one year remaining for the Delft-FEWS 2025 vision, we are wrapping up the activities and major changes that we have been working on since the start in 2020. The roadmaps contributed to maintaining the high quality of our open software by simplifying the installation, configuration, and usage of the software, and by making the software more modular. Furthermore, we improved the data handling and made a better connection to more external sources and tools, to enable  connectivity to other initiatives.

A first version of the Web Operator Client was delivered and implemented for several of our clients. Users can easily access the data from the Delft-FEWS system through their browser, without the need to install the regular OC and connections. A vision document describes how the Open Archive will be made more robust, maintainable, and future proof in the coming years. 

We continuously take care to keep the quality of our code high and up to standards using automated scans that run daily which indicate any issues or vulnerabilities. Acting on the increasing security demands, we have implemented a range of solutions for our components, a Security Matrix, to ensure secure systems on any IT infrastructure. The release process and testing have been further improved by a dedicated release coordinator ensuring the continuous delivery of high quality software.

With the 2025 vision coming to its end, we will be creating a new vision for the coming five years together with the community.

The Regional and International User Days, courses, online community talks, and webinars were well-visited and enjoyed by the FEWS Community. The Community Strategy Board (CSB) which meets early this year to review collected feedback, repeats the invitation to all users to submit a (joint) presentation for one of the FEWS Community Talks in February, June, and October. Approach your CSB member or contact the Community Manager    


The lookback is also available on YouTube: Delft-FEWS 2023 lookback