Delft-FEWS related developments

null New official iMOD Adapter for Delft-FEWS

New official iMOD Adapter for Delft-FEWS

There is a new official iMOD Adapter to be used with Delft-FEWS. This was developed last year by Martijn Visser as part of the Farmers’ App project. Information about how to download and install the adapter can be found here: This adapter also supports coupled iMODFLOW-MetaSWAP and iMODFLOW-MetaSWAP-WOFOST models (as shown on the image).

If you have questions about the use of the adapter, please contact Martijn. We are in the process of implementing the adapter into a previously developed system and will continue to improve it as needed. Please use this adapter for new developments and let us know if anything needs to be added or modified.