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Patches soon available on the Deltares internet site

Have you ever wondered whether a critical bug was fixed for your software version of Delft-FEWS?  The plan of the CSB is that in the near future this information will become available on a specific Deltares internet site.  This web site will contain information about patches with critical bug fixes for all supported Delft-FEWS software versions. The idea is that both the patch and the associated release notes will be downloadable from this site. The release notes should contain information about the bug, the issue number, the impact, the urgency and the required action(s).  Users will be informed when a new patch with critical bugfixes becomes available.  Downloading and applying this patch will help you in minimizing the impact of this critical bug.

The following special topics will be discussed in the upcoming CSB meetings:

May: Testing process
September: Best practices
November:  Strategy and innovation

I you have ideas about these topics and you want to provide input, then please let us know (e-mail to

The minutes from the CSB meetings can be found here.