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Progress on Delft-FEWS 2017.02 Roadmap developments

The Delft-FEWS development team is working on hard on the first batch of developments planned in the Delft-FEWS development roadmaps for 2017.02. There are 3 development roadmaps each with a specific focus:

  • Roadmap 1: Delft-FEWS server side: simplification & automation
  • Roadmap 2: Delft-FEWS PI Webservice
  • Roadmap 3: Deltares Open Archive

For 2017.02, main objective of roadmap 1 is "simplification of the backend by removing the JMS component". This means that from a backend perspective the ActiveMQ / JBOSS component will not be necessary anymore. Alternatively, DDA (Direct Database Access) will be the new default mechanism to communication between the central database, Master Controller, Forecasting Shell Servers (FSS), Admin Interface and Operator Clients.  The developments are on-going and the first (system integration) tests are foreseen in January 2018.

For the Delft-FEWS PI Webservice in roadmap 2, the focus for this release has been on "ease the installation and configuration" of the Delft-FEWS PI Webservice. Developments are ready and the new installation procedure is very simple and consist of deploying one file only. All webservice functionality is available (PI, WaterML2, UMAQUO) and all methods for the PI-REST and PI-SOAP have been aligned and documented.

Focus of the Deltares Open Archive in roadmap 3 has been on "simpler install, system administration and seamless integration of forecast timeseries". Developments have been finished and developments in this roadmap are carried out in close collaboration with the developments for the PI Webservice.

More information on the roadmaps can be found here slides: 5,6, 14, 17 and 21 of the presentation given during the Delft-FEWS User Days 2017 by Delft-FEWS Product Management.