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Real-Time Control of Rijnland water system with Delft-FEWS

The Dutch regional water management authority Rijnland started running a fully automated real-time control (RTC) application, called BOSBO3.0, early this year. As a result, the new Rijnland control system has evolved into a flagship system using the RTC-Tools and Delft-FEWS software.

According to Klaas-Jan van Heeringen, Specialist Operational Water Wanagement at Deltares, “Rijnland used to take only the current conditions into account, next to a basic estimate on the forecasted precipitation. The new RTC-Tools system includes also the spatial variability in the forecasted weather and the water system, even including salinity issues.”

The operation of pumping stations has been optimized, not only to anticipate weather forecasts and water quality but also to reduce energy usage. The Rijnland area is located a few meters below mean sea level. Most of the area consists of polders which pump their excess water into a primary storage and drainage system. Within that primary system, the water levels are controlled within a very small margin of only 3 centimetres. This is quite a challenge because of the predictive uncertainties in the forecasted precipitation and wind. The better the data, the better the decision! Rijnland is also looking for ways to reduce their operational use of electricity by taking the tide and variable energy rates into account. Please note that the energy usage will be less in case of low tides. The new RTC system takes all these variables into account.

The RTC application has been developed as part of a TKI research project, which develops and applies RTC-Tools for real-time operational applications in the scope of Smart Water Management in the Netherlands. The application has been operationalized within a Delft-FEWS data-integration application, in cooperation with Nelen & Schuurmans and Actemium. Since the required knowledge and features have been developed within the scope of TKI research, the technical developments are freely available to other potential users.

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