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Delft-FEWS 2023.02 Released!

Delft-FEWS Product Management proudly presents the new Delft-FEWS Stable release 2023.02!

This version of Delft-FEWS contains (again) more than 100 new features and enriches the functionality of Delft-FEWS even further.

Managing metadata

The first version of this dedicated display is now available and enables users to manage metadata (like location attributes) from the Operator Client. This display expands on the existing Tabular Config File, which visualizes location CSV files, by allowing users to edit and save metadata. The complete version of this display (expected in 2024.01) will allow direct upload of the edited files. The display is table-based, so all functionalities using tables, like selecting and sorting, are similar to all other tables in Delft-FEWS.

Accumulate on-the-fly

Analyzing accumulation of gridded datasets can now be done on-the-fly in the Spatial Display. Simply put the accumulation slider in the Spatial Display to the right-most position. For accumulative parameters, the map now shows accumulation relative to the display time indicated by the red line in the time slider.

Web service end points

The number of endpoints to access Delft-FEWS via REST-based web services has increased substantially. Not only selected locations or the system time can be retrieved, but also samples and specific statistics. Workflows which import data through a web service run can now be recognized in the time series lister. For testing, the web service can also be launched from your Stand Alone application. 

Managing your data feeds from the Admin Interface

The Admin Interface has been improved to better manage all your incoming and outgoing data feeds. You can now pause and delete data feeds and download or resend files. 

Secure deployments using OpenID connect techniques

All Delft-FEWS backend and frontend components can now be installed using OpenID Connect security settings. 

Web Operator Client

From this version onwards, the Web Operator Client will be part of the Delft-FEWS binaries package (on request). Version 1.0 of the Web Operator Client will officially be launched on January 26th, 2024. 

All details about the new features and resolved bugs can be found on the Delft-FEWS WIKI Release Notes page. A descriptive release document, links to relevant PDFs and a presentation about the new features can be found on the WIKI. A webinar demonstrating the highlights of the Delft-FEWS 2023.02 new features is planned for the 7th of March 2024

Delft-FEWS product management

January 2024