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null New RIBASIM Version 7.01.25 release, October 2022

New RIBASIM Version 7.01.25 release, October 2022

The Deltares software for river basin planning and management (RIBASIM) is in continuous development, with new modelling functionalities, a friendly user interface, improved computational performance, and technical software updates.

RIBASIM Version 7.01.25 was released in October 2022. The new features can be viewed on the RIBASIM website. The new Quick start guide, with six modules with several exercises, has been enriched with many short instruction videos. The videos are part of the RIBASIM version 7.01.25 download Zip-file.

For more specific information or for a software download link and temporary license, please send an email to

Wil van der Krogt, Martijn Visser and Amy Wilcox