null Delft-FEWS 2021.02 New Features Webinar

Delft-FEWS 2021.02 New Features Webinar

Are you curious about how to configure some of the (new) features in the Delft-FEWS 2021.02 release?

On Wednesday, April 13th, Erik Pelgrim (Delft-FEWS developer) and Gerben Boot (Delft-FEWS Product Manager for developments) hosted the "Delft-FEWS 2021.02 New Features" webinar. They identified various themes from the Delft-FEWS 2021.02 release and addressed them in three pre-recorded videos with application demos, configuration examples, how-tos, and tips & tricks:

  • How to apply auto-calibration (with OpenDA).
  • How to improve and polish your output in spatial/timeseries plots and how to make attractive GUI icons.
  • Spotlight: the Import module.

After a short welcome, Erik and Gerben introduced and shared each of the three pre-recorded videos. Viewers then had the opportunity to ask their questions in the chat. An informal Q&A followed, after the official recording of the webinar had ended. 

Approximately 135 people from 43 countries registered for this webinar, with more than 100 participating in the live-event. The recorded webinar, including the option to navigate to specific parts of the video, is now online. The slides and Q&A sheet are also available.

Delft-FEWS Product Management 
April, 2022