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FEWS news: issue 2, 2017




Delft-FEWS Release 2017.01 coming up

Developments for the spring release of Delft-FEWS (2017.01) are progressing. More than 75 small and large features have been implemented already, amongst others improvements to the Water Coach (training module), several (web service) imports and the Open Archive. For the Bureau of Meteorology (AUS) a complete new Verification Analysis Tool has been built. This tool is meant to interactively analyse the quality of your forecasts compared to your observations and outgoing warnings by focusing on interesting flood periods. A new display comes with this.

For the Switzerland application run at FOEN a feature is implemented enabling a workflow to be splitted and run at different forecasting shell servers, comparable to what's already available for ensemble runs. System metrics available in the central database are now also available as  time series which can be visualized in the Timeseries Display. This feature was implemented for Rijkswaterstaat (NL). There is much more to explore but as soon as this release is there, all developed features are available for everyone. This release is planned for June 2017.


Verification Analyst Tool - BoM