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FEWS news: issue 2, 2017




Operational Water Management Department extended to South Asia

After a challenging preparatory period and two weeks holiday on Bali, I started my work halfway January. The main reason for my long-term assignment is the contribution to the Joint Cooperation Programme (JCP), in which the Dutch institutes Deltares and KNMI (National Meteorology Agency) support our Indonesian counterparts in further developing their hydrometeorological capacity. In this phase of the multiyear program, emphasis will be on operational hydrometeorological data management, urban flood forecasting and instruments for integrated water resources management. With my experience in operational water management and knowledge about our software products (Delft-Fews, RTC-Tools, but also WFLOW and SOBEK) I should be able to provide a nice contribution. I will play a key role in connecting to the Indonesian counterparts and coordinate a large part of the activities, especially with our counterpart the Indonesian Research Centre for Water Resources, PusAir. Since PusAir is located in Bandung, I am stationed in Bandung where we have found a nice house and a school for our son.


Not only will I work on activities within JCP, but I also contribute to the Peatland Best Management Practice Project (PBMPP) for which I will travel weekly to Jakarta. I can make this trip by train or by car (with driver!), but I prefer the trip by train since there is no chance to get trapped in a huge traffic jam. Unfortunately sometimes it is inevitable to take the car. The PBMPP aims at supporting APP (the largest pulp and paper company in Indonesia) in making their business more sustainable by rewetting peatlands.  To monitor the hydrological conditions in plantations and effects of rewetting of peatlands, an extensive monitoring campaign has been set up. To collect, check, process and visualize all this data and derived information, a FEWS-based system will be set-up: APP Operational Water Management System (APP-OWMS). It is my task to guide the design, development and implementation of this monitoring system.

In Indonesia I will not only work with my Dutch Deltares colleagues living in Jakarta (or frequently visiting), but also with our Indonesian colleagues, who work with us on projects in Indonesia and in the region.  They are a great help, also in understanding local customs and situations, which sometimes are a little bit different than what I am used to.

So far during my first week I have only met friendly and enthusiastic people and I am therefore sure this is gone be a wonderful and exciting two years. If you want to know more about my/our activities in Indonesia, just contact me.  And where appropriate, I am available for advice and consultation on operational water management in the South East Asian region.


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