FEWS news: issue 2, 2017




Source model by eWater connected to Delft-FEWS

Hydrological modelling plays an important role in water management at the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) in Australia. It helps inform policy and decision making for water resource sharing in the River Murray system. In collaboration with partners, MDBA has supported the development of Source — Australia's national hydrological modelling platform, developed by eWater between 2005 and 2012. With the long-term objective of replacing the current hydrological modelling platform (MSM-Bigmod), MDBA is working on a project to integrate the use of Source into our hydrological modelling of the River Murray system.

The Source model will be integrated in MDBA's Delft-FEWS system for "River Operations" called ROWS. MDBA uses Delft-FEWS to do all necessary data collection, quality control and processing for publications on the internet. Delft-FEWS will also provide the real time inputs to the Source model. Once the model has been run, the model results are imported back into Delft-FEWS for visualisation, reporting and archiving. This project does not include a so-called model adapter for Source, which would allow a black-box-like running of the Source model from Delft-FEWS. The expectation is that the operator will make modifications to the Source model on the fly, requiring a direct interaction through the Source user interface.

The Source model