FEWS news: issue 3, 2017




Delft-FEWS Release 2017.01 on track / Draft Release Notes online

All required testing activities for the spring release of Delft-FEWS (2017.01) are well on track. Performance tests, comparison tests (with 2016.02) and component tests have been finalised. The live-system tests are still on-going. This week, external (mostly Dutch) clients have been invited to come to Delft and carry-out a regression test with their own (stand alone) application using the new binaries of Delft-FEWS (see picture below). Planning is to release this version end of June/early July 2017.

Delft-FEWS 2017.01 contains more than 120 small and large features. A draft version of the release notes can already be found on the Delft-FEWS WIKI. The release notes for 2017.01 have been set-up like the previous one containing clickable links to the documentation about that new feature.


Photo of testing day