FEWS news: issue 4, 2017


Coming up! Delft-FEWS Release 2017.02: first Delft-FEWS 2020 roadmap features in...

Developments for the autumn release of Delft-FEWS (2017.02) are progressing well. More than 80 small and large features are planned to be implemented, amongst others many visual improvements to different displays (configurable background colors to Schematic Status Panels and  for grouping purposes the background color of the table header in the TimeSeries Display can be colored as well). A new thresholds events display has been developed in order to visualize and directly acknowledge  the messages of the different up & down crossings from the thresholds module.

The performance indicator module has been improved as well and both from the Database Viewer and the Forecast Management Display relevant meta-information has been added like: the period for which data has been written (output time span) and how many data records were created in that run.

Preview of the new thresholds events display

Relevant to mention is that, besides the on-going developments, at Deltares we are really busy  implementing the 3 Delft-FEWS 2020 roadmaps. The 3 roadmaps focus on an easy to install and scalable (to cloud) Delft-FEWS backend, improvements to the Delft-FEWS PI Webservice and the Deltares Open Archive solution for storing (older &) long-term timeseries next to your Delft-FEWS as forecasting system containing recent data. In order to make the Delft-FEWS system more simple (= less components) an important first step is taken in 2017.02 because JMS (Java Messaging Service) will be removed and all communication between Delft-FEWS components will be carried out by the Central Database using Direct Database Access (DDA). This means that middleware ActiveMQ or JBOSS will not be necessary anymore from 2017.02 onwards.

From the other roadmaps the following developments will be in 2017.02: Seamless integration of Delft-FEWS and the archive solution is now possible for (scalar) forecast timeseries as well and extra checks have been added for exporting to the archive. In the roadmap for the PI Webservice a lot of 'housekeeping' has been done: code has been reorganised, all code merged into one deployable file (with all available webservices which makes installation very easy) and a testing framework including test pages is ready.

Preview of the new test pages for the Delft-FEWS webservices

This release is planned for November 2017. Please check the release notes page!!!