FEWS news: issue 4, 2017



Meet and greet with CSB members

Do you want to meet the members of the Community Strategy Board in person? That is possible at the Delft-FEWS international User Days on October the 25th and 26th. In the last CSB meeting in September we discussed how the CSB could be more visible and accessible for the whole Delft-FEWS community. The perfect place for that is the User Days. The CSB members will be easy recognizable (wearing specific badges) and we will also arrange a place where you can talk to them.

Furthermore we discussed a status update of the three Delft-FEWS roadmaps. More information can be found here

The next CSB meeting is planned the day before the International Delft-FEWS User Days. You are very welcome to suggest topics for this meeting or for any of the other CSB meetings. Please send your email to fews-pm@deltares.nl.

The minutes from the CSB meetings can be found at the Delft-Fews portal.