2018 issue 1- item 03

FEWS news: issue 1, 2018



The CSB invites clients to provide input for the upcoming meetings

Do you have an interesting topic that really needs to be discussed in the CSB? Then please share this with your regional CSB representative or with Deltares. We will bring this up in one of our meetings and we will invite you to join and explain the topic (if you want). Topics brought up by clients in the CSB meeting in October are (amongst others): best configuration practices, sharing information about new developments,  future of forecasting. These topics will be discussed in one of the meetings in 2018.

This meeting Natural Resources Wales was invited and shared their experience with the migration of their Delft-FEWS forecasting system to the cloud.  Their experience to date of hosting FEWS in the cloud has been extremely positive, they report that they still retain high availability, including multiple levels of contingency, whilst utilising the numerous benefits of the scalable and adaptable cloud environment. More details can be read in the minutes of the CSB meeting or in FEWS NEWS 2017-04.

The CSB also discussed the current process of dissemination of patches. There was general consensus that it was very important to share information about the availability of patches with critical bug fixes.  Deltares will create a plan for this which will be discussed in the next CSB meeting. 

The minutes from the CSB meetings can be found at the Delft-FEWS portal .