2018 issue 2-item 01

FEWS news: issue 2, 2018


First Phase Delft-FEWS Roadmap Developments (almost) finished!

We are pleased to inform you that the first phase of the Delft-FEWS Roadmap developments is almost finished. The components that are ready for dissemination are (1) the improved functionality of the web services and data exchange formats (Delft-FEWS PI Webservice) and (2) the state-of-the-art, well searchable archive (Delft-FEWS Open Archive). The Simplification of the Backend is in the phase of integration testing at the moment. We have reduced quite a number of components to reduce the complexity of the system. However, the impact of these changes requires lots of testing. In the coming weeks, consultants will also participate in the testing process.

The expected release date of the first phase (2017.02) will be May 2018. We will keep you informed on the progress via www.delft-fews.com. Besides regular feature requests, the consecutive releases of 2018.01 and 2018.02 will also contain roadmap functionalities.


New webinars/instruction videos coming up...

In April 2018 four new webinar/instruction videos will be available. The topics will be:

"New features in 2017.01", "new features in 2017.02"

"Delft-FEWS 2020: background information, benefits and impact of the Delft-FEWS development roadmaps"

 "the Delft-FEWS PI Webservice" .

They will be published in the Delft-FEWS YouTube channel and via www.delft-fews.com/videos

Later this spring, more videos will be produced and published. If you have suggestions for topics, feel free to contact us via e-mail: fews-pm@deltares.nl