FEWS news 2018, issue 3, CSB updates


10th CSB meeting: Best Practices in Software Testing

Have you ever asked yourself what amount of testing is done when you get a new version of the Delft-FEWS software? In our 10th Community Strategy Board meeting in May, Deltares explained the process of testing and releasing a new Delft-FEWS software version. Details were shared about what types of tests Deltares is performing before a new release is handed over to the users. For example testing is done at the level of small units of the code, but also at the level of a complete application (and many variations in between). The current new software version is compared with the previous version and the performance is monitored and stress tests are done. Deltares uses the different internal test systems for the different testing phases. Furthermore Deltares explained what kind of procedures are in place to ensure a stable software version is being released.

The CSB members also shared their own experiences in testing new Delft-FEWS software versions, e.g. what kind of testing procedures their organizations have and what level of testing is done. It was clear that all organizations within the Delft-FEWS community can learn from each other on this topic. The CSB agreed that information about best practices and other information about the Delft-FEWS release process should be shared with the community through the Delft-FEWS portal.

The minutes from previous CSB meetings with feedback from several community events can be found at the Delft-FEWS portal .


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