The CSB explores a Delft-FEWS Community of Practice

A Delft-FEWS Community of Practice, was the main topic on the agenda of the meeting on the 11th September.  

What magnificent things could happen if all Delft-FEWS end-users, developers, intermediaries and configurators were able to exchange information with each other? What if they could actively share their experience and knowledge on a variety of topics, connect to other users and possibly finance new developments together?

The Delft-FEWS portal, which is now being reviewed, should be able to facilitate this ambition. On the new interactive community page users can actively participate on a daily basis, share information, contact other users and raise questions.  

As potential items to be embedded in the new Delft-FEWS portal, the following topics were highlighted:

  • Data / Forecast verification
  • Ensembles (how to work with it, how to verify it)
  • Workflow management (how to forecast)
  • Products & Services
  • Platforms

Should you think of other suggestions for possible topics, please do not hesitate to share it with us via  

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