First regional DSD in South-East Asia : inspirational to the end

For the first time ever, Deltares organized a regional edition of the Deltares Software Days in South-East Asia (SEA). More than 100 experts participated in this three-day event full of interesting presentations and short courses. Delft-FEWS was one of the main topics during the seminar and the two introductory training courses were well visited.

The last couple of years, all over the world regional editions of the Deltares Software Days and the Delft-FEWS User Days have been organized. By organizing local events, we hope to lower the threshold for experts and users to join and make it possible to focus on more local topics. Already for some years, we wanted to organize a local edition of DSD for the South-East Asian region. The IAHR-APD conference in Yogyakarta seemed a perfect occasion to organize the DSD as a side-event: this conference aims at experts in the field of hydro-environment engineering from the SEA region. Therefore we organized a DSD in the same city in the same week as IAHR-APD, and thus making it simple for participants to attend both events!


In Indonesia, we are closely collaborating with our Indonesian equivalent, PusAir, as well as with the Indonesian MetOffice (BMKG). We work together on introducing and developing new technologies for integrated water management within the Joint Cooperation Program (JCP), which recently entered the third phase. The organization of the regional DSD perfectly fitted the objectives of JCP, especially where it concerns the promotion of newly developed instruments and knowledge.

One important element for any DSD is the presentation of state-of-the-art research and applications using Deltares software. Deltares is fortunate to have great partners and clients in the SEA region: their presentations during the seminar at the were very inspiring. The topics ranged from storm surge forecasting for the coasts of Java and Thailand, to river basin studies in Indonesia, water quality modelling in the Bay of Manilla and the integration of all flood forecasting capacity in Vietnam. Very interesting was the presentation on how the government of Indonesia integrates several of Deltares software packages in its water resources management.

Together with PusAir free introductory courses were organized: “1D2D applications of Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite”, “Distributed hydrological modelling made simple with wflow”, “RIBASIM - River Basin Simulation basics” en “Advanced Flood Forecasting with Delft-FEWS”. These courses turned out to be very motivational and inspiring: some participants stayed on the last day, which was a Saturday, in the training rooms until 18:00, while the trainers were actually craving for a cold drink. Social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) were bombarded with pictures and posts with the hashtag #DSDSEA2018, giving an indication of how the participants enjoyed the DSD.

Ultimately, around 100 participants from 40 organisations visited one or more days of the three-day event. There were visitors from most of the SEA countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines. It really became the motivational and inspiring day in which we could meet and discuss with our clients and partners. Due to the enthusiastic responses and the great atmosphere, we are sure this will not be the last edition of the DSD SEA!