Delft-FEWS 2018.02 stable release is coming up!

The Delft-FEWS 2018.02 stable release is coming up! With a slight delay, we are in the middle of (client-server) testing at the moment. A number of large, national and international clients are going to install this version in their acceptance server environments, both on physical or virtual servers and in the Azure cloud, in the next few months. This version includes a lot of new features, particularly a large majority of the roadmap-features you have all been contributing to.


Impressions of the new Admin Interface

The keywords of this new version are: a brand new Administrator Interface (including web service, a full-access and a read-only mode), self-registering Forecasting Shell Servers, scalable Forecasting Shell Servers, possible use of Docker (for containerization of Delft-FEWS components) and Kubernetes (a tool for automatic deployment and scaling of Delft-FEWS components). Besides that, Java version 11 is now required and has been placed inside the Delft-FEWS binaries structure. Because it is now part of the 'base-build', distributing new base-builds for newer versions, for instance for future upgrades,  will be much easier!

In the same roadmap project, the improved Delft-FEWS PI web service now supports WMS (Web Mapping Service) and is much easier to install, configure and upgrade. The Open Archive is more prominently connected and visible within the Delft-FEWS Operator Client. It is now possible to clearly distuinguish between forecasts which are already available within the archive and forecasts which are not. On the whole, security and performance improvements have been implemented in all three roadmap projects.


Impression of the Windows 10 look and feel of the Delft-FEWS Explorer

Besides substantial improvements 'under the hood', regular features have been implemented. The overall look of the Delft-FEWS Explorer has been adjusted to Windows 10 and new features have been added in several displays, like TimeSeries Display, Spatial Display, Schematic Status Display. The completely renewed Web Browser Display is based on new, Chromium, technology. Finally, around 10 data import routines have been added or improved.

The formal release is anticipated to be available by the end of February 2019.

A complete overview of all features can be found on the release notes pages of the Delft-FEWS documentation WIKI

For improving our Delft-FEWS software delivery services, an external review will be carried out by SIG (Software Improvement Group). This will be done in the coming period and we hope to have results and recommendations by the end of March 2019. In the next FEWS NEWS we will update you on the outcomes.