About Delft-FEWS

About Delft-FEWS


What is Delft-FEWS?

Delft-FEWS is freely available software that efficiently handles large amounts of forecast data, integrates the latest observations with the most recent meteorological forecasts, and provides for consistent data quality, standardized work processes, visualization, and reporting. Delft-FEWS can orchestrate massive computations on dedicated hardware, in the cloud, or both, and allows for remote collaboration between multiple experts working and interacting with the same data.

Delft-FEWS consists of a sophisticated set of configurable modules which can be combined and customised to the specific requirements of an individual organisation. Due to its flexible and modular structure, Delft-FEWS is suited to support a broad range of applications, such as day-to-day operational management, real-time control, flood forecasting and warning, water quality monitoring, reservoir management, hydropower, navigation, groundwater, droughts, and dike strength monitoring.

The open architecture of Delft-FEWS makes it easy for any organization to connect their own data and models, and tailor the system to their own needs. The models known and available within the organization can easily be integrated, without any expensive development of new models. The platform provides a wide range of displays to visualize many types of data, such as scalar and gridded data, vectors, wave spectra, and longitudinal profiles. Furthermore, Delft-FEWS contains a large set of data processing modules for common processing steps taken in hydrological and hydrodynamic forecasting. The data can be verified, used in reports, and archived for later use as well as distributed through a web-API for end users and publication on web pages.

For more information regarding Delft-FEWS and its applications, please have a look at the brochures and showcases. If you have any questions regarding Delft-FEWS, visit the FAQ page, or send us a message.


The Delft-FEWS Community

An important part of Delft-FEWS is the community. Having users and applications all over the world provides unique opportunities to share and discuss ideas with experts from all regions and various forecasting centers. To facilitate these discussions, annual Delft-FEWS User Days are organized for the international community as a whole, and specifically for Australia, South East Asia, Germany, Latin America, North America, and the Netherlands. The user days are free to attend and can also be followed online. More information is available on the Events page.

Not only does the community allow for sharing of ideas, it also offers the opportunity to share costs related to the development of new features in Delft-FEWS. A new feature could be an import module for a new data type or source, but it could also be a major overhaul of the Delft-FEWS platform. As part of the Delft-FEWS 2020 roadmap, various Delft-FEWS clients came together with Deltares to set the scope of the roadmaps and contribute to funding the developments. Read more about the Delft-FEWS 2021 roadmap here. All developments are made available for all Delft-FEWS clients.


Community Strategy Board

The Community Strategy Board, formed in 2015, is where Delft-FEWS product management and several delegates from the Delft-FEWS community discuss the future of Delft-FEWS by defining priorities for Delft-FEWS strategic developments. The CSB meets on a quarterly basis. The meeting minutes and more information are available on the CSB page.

Join the community!

There are several ways to get involved in the Delft-FEWS community:

  • Join one of the events, either offline or online, and meet the other users.

  • Read the blog and news articles to find out what others are working on. You can also subscribe by sending us an email to receive FEWS-News, our quarterly email newsletter.

  • For technical, configuration-related questions, the Delft-FEWS Forum is the place to be.


Get started with Delft-FEWS

If you are new to Delft-FEWS and want to get started with the software, please follow the steps below to register and download the software. (Visit our wiki for more help on how to register and download the Delft-FEWS software)

  1. Register for the Delft-FEWS website and portal (top right corner, login --> register). This will allow you to download the Delft-FEWS software.

  2. Visit the Courses page. Register for an instructor- or self-led course or download the Basic Configuration Course materials and try it yourself.

  3. Download a demo-version of Delft-FEWS. The easiest way to do this is by downloading and following the instructions included in the Delft-FEWS Basic Configuration Course materials. Alternatively, you can download the Delft-FEWS Demo Software on the Downloads page.

  4. Get familiar with the Delft-FEWS Documentation.